Regional Sky Transit III: The Primacy of Noise

This AIAA paper from SCITECH 2017 conveys the supreme importance of ultra-low noise to the sustainability and profitability of Regional Sky Transit. It contains new insights about the extraordinary design challenges of matching V/ESTOL performance with ultra-low noise in small 2-seat Sky Taxis, introduces the helpful concept of “Noise to pavement ratio” or NPR, and presents suggestions on best ways …


Tactile Active Gear (TAG) For V/ESTOL Electrically Powered Aircraft

Electrically-powered, V/ESTOL aircraft can use their high capacity battery pack to operate a new type of electric landing gear system—the tactile active gear (TAG). The TAG concept is that of a smart system whose position, strain, motion and acceleration sensors detect and provide input for a software-guided precise positioning control of its long-travel landing gear legs. The long-travel TAG could …


SA proud to announce The SA Advisory Board

We are proud to announce that the following faculty members have joined the Sustainable Aviation Advisory Board.  The Board will advise SA on future initiatives and tech prizes. You can learn more about board members here.

SA Symposium 2016 in Sport Aviation

Contributor Beth Stanton was on hand at SA Symposium 2016 and posted a story on the conference in the August edition of Sport Aviation.  


SA Symposium 2016 Was A Huge Success!

This year at SA Symposium a wonderful group of visionaries and enthusiasts came together to share, discuss and brainstorm a future of electric aviation. Thank you to all speakers and attendees for making SA Symposium 2016 great! Photos and speakers can be found here. See you in 2017!


SA Symposium – May 2016

The Crucible of Sustainable Aviation SA is proud to announce the 2016 Sustainable Aviation Symposium, scheduled for May 6-7 in San Francisco. A global faculty of technology experts and visionaries will convene at the meeting to advance the world of sustainable aviation and emission-free flight. Please read all about this historic meeting at   Sunseeker Duo image courtesy of


Sustainable Aviation’s Big Tent

It has become clear that the electric aircraft movement will not only transform all of aviation, but can substantially reduce climate change and surface gridlock around the globe. Accordingly, leading pioneers of the electric aircraft movement have founded the new non-profit, tax-exempt Sustainable Aviation Foundation (SA) to devote their full efforts to realizing these large and urgent societal benefits. SA …