SAS 2018 News


Urban Planning for eVTOLs, ESTOLs and Sky Transit

SA Foundation is pleased to announce the first-ever panel discussion on Urban Planning for Sky Transit, featured at the 2018 Sustainable Aviation Symposium on May 11-12.

Join Us on May 11-12!

At this year’s symposium we ask “How can we make electric aviation broadly accessible and of meaningful scale, in terms of climate change, renewable energy, urban communities, and global markets?” As a part of this theme we’ve invited three outstanding speakers on Urbanism and Urban Planning to weigh in on what a safe, sane future for Sky Transit looks like and how these transformative technologies can be a healthy part of our urban fabric. Our three speakers are:

Alissa Walker is the Urbanism editor at and authors the column Word on the Street, highlighting the pioneering transit, clever civic design, and game-changing policy affecting our cities.




Todd Litman is founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems. His work helps expand the range of impacts and options considered in transportation decision-making, improve evaluation methods, and make specialized technical concepts accessible to a larger audience.



Dr. Daniel Sperling is Blue Planet Prize Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, and founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis). He has just released “Three Revolutions,” a new work on “Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future.”



We hope you will join us to hear these visionaries and get their take on where Sky Transit can take is!