Two days of informative sessions

Experts from across the globe

This year’s Sustainable Aviation Symposium Program, Chaired by Dr. Brien Seeley, features renowned leaders from technology sectors relevant to the electric aviation movement.  Please join our faculty for cutting edge and visionary presentations on the sustainable transformation of aviation.

SAS 2018 Speakers

Alissa Walker

Urbanism Editor -

Boris Popov †

Founder - BRS Aviation

David Calley

Motor Designer, Planet Rider

Dean Sigler


Dr. Aarohi Vijh

Staff Engineer - Alta Devices

Dr. Brien Seeley

President, SA Foundation

Dr. Josef Kallo

Professor, DLR Germany

Dr. Kenneth Brentner

Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University

J. Philip Barnes

Technical Fellow, Pelican Aero Group

Kurt Papathakis

Electrical Engineer - NASA

Neil Cloughley

Managing Director - Faradair Aerospace Limited

Richard Wang

CEO/Co-Founder, Cuberg

Todd Litman

Founder and Executive Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

† denotes a PADA Trophy Winner