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Urban Planning for eVTOLs, ESTOLs and Sky Transit

SA Foundation is pleased to announce the first-ever panel discussion on Urban Planning for Sky Transit, featured at the 2018 Sustainable Aviation Symposium on May 11-12. At this year’s symposium we ask “How can we make electric aviation broadly accessible and of meaningful scale, in terms of climate change, renewable energy, urban communities, and global...
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eVTOL vs USTOL – Analyzing Emerging Platforms

Join SA and Dr. David Ullman for the Sustainable Skies Keynote Lecture – Electric Air Vehicle Performance Prospects: Comparing eVTOL versus USTOL – a fascinating discussion comparing emerging technology platforms for UAM and RST! Details of Dr. Ullman’s presentation: There is much current hype about eVTOLs. But how realistic is their potential for development as PAVs when...
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Certifiable Automation: New Rules for a New Era

Breakthrough technologies and a sky free of pedestrians promise impeccable safety in future driverless aircraft. Led by Tyler MacCready, Founding Board Member of the Sustainable Aviation Foundation, top scientists will explore the what, how and why of passenger and cargo air vehicles entrusted to use the airspace on their on recognizance.

Hydrogen eFlight at SAS 2018

SAS 2018 will again feature the latest in hybrid eFlight initiatives: Joseph Kallor from DLR will discuss “Progress on the HY4 Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell-Driven Passenger Aircraft”  Check out the video below on amazing progress on HY4. Tine Tomazic of Pipistrel will discuss “MAHEPA, Modular Hybrid Propulsion Solutions” and implications for Urban Air Mobility. Check out the SustainableSkies...
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Thank You! SAS 2017 Was a Huge Success!

SA Symposium 2017 was a huge success! Thank you to speakers and attendees for a fantastic event! This year marked record attendance and we are actively planning SAS 2018 Please join our mailing list to hear about SAS 2018 and Sustainable Aviation projects (we’re also on Twitter and LinkedIn) Check out these great photos from SAS 2017