Greg Cole †

Aircraft Designer - Windward Performance

Greg Cole †

Aircraft Designer - Windward Performance


Greg Cole Bio

Windward Performance Ltd – owner for 20 years, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Systems, Tooling, Composite parts manufacture

Designer of many aircraft

  • GosHawk – very efficient aircraft, two seats, electric power, not flown yet
  • Eta Nu – self launching sailplane, electric option, not flown yet
  • Perlan – world altitude record holding two seat pressurized sailplane
  • DuckHawk – National Champion 15m racing class sailplane, dynamic soaring capable sailplane with +11 / -9 g maneuver limits and 225 KT redline speed, max 52:1 L/D
  • LAM Columbia Volant – very high performance (fixed gear 213 KTAS normally aspirated) four seat GA aircraft with spin resistant and anti spin capability
  • SparrowHawk – Holder of numerous world records, 1200 km flight, 155 LB empty weight sailplane
  • Lancair Evolution, Legacy, Columbia – Columbia was first new design certified in 17 years in 1998
  • Chanute – unlimited aerobatic aircraft

Consulting for many companies, mostly in small aircraft

US Patent, subject propeller blade design

Worked at/on McCauley, Cirrus Design, Lancair (Chief Engineer R&D), Adam, Reno race winner contributor, Red Bull race winner contributor


  • Sailplane pilot
  • Sailor – own foiling A Cat, Flying Dutchman, Buccaneer, many windsurfers


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