Our esteemed SA Symposium 2018 Faculty

Neil Cloughley

Managing Director - Faradair Aerospace Limited

Kurt Papathakis

Electrical Engineer - NASA

Todd Litman

Founder and Executive Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Dr. Kenneth Brentner

Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University

Alissa Walker

Urbanism Editor - Curbed.com

Richard Wang

CEO/Co-Founder, Cuberg

David Calley

Motor Designer, Planet Rider

Dr. Aarohi Vijh

Staff Engineer - Alta Devices

Boris Popov †

Founder - BRS Aviation

Dr. Josef Kallo

Professor, DLR Germany

Dean Sigler

Editor-in-Chief, SustainableSkies.org

J. Philip Barnes

Technical Fellow, Pelican Aero Group

Dr. Brien Seeley

President, SA Foundation

† denotes a PADA Trophy Winner