The Sustainable Aviation Foundation (SAF) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting human flourishing through advances in aviation.

We focus on the application of electric aviation at a meaningful scale to help solve the pressing problems of our age.

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Curbing The Climate Crisis By Ending Wildfires: The Essential Role Of Aviation

Wildfires & CO2 A wildfire is defined as an unplanned, uncontrolled, and unpredictable fire in an area of combustible vegetation. Recent boreal forest wildfires in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Russia have made international headlines due … Read more

Sustainable Aviation Has A Plan To Drastically Cut CO2 Emissions

We are working to develop a Moonshot initiative for Wildfire Control Regional Sky Transit (RST) could stop wildfires, undo gridlock and substantially ease the climate crisis, if we make it so! After reviewing the presentation on “Moonshot … Read more

SA on the KCBS Radio

SA President Dr. Brien Seeley appeared on “KCBS In Depth” to discuss flying cars and Urban Air Mobility. Check out the episode here!

SAS 2019 – SA and UC Berkeley ITS Collaborate for Our Best Year Yet!

The University of California, Berkeley Institute for Transportation Studies (ITS) hosted the 2019 Sustainable Aviation Symposium (SAS) on October 7-8 of 2019. Dr. Jasenka Rakas from UC Berkeley and Dr. Brien A. Seeley of the Sustainable Aviation … Read more