Sustainable Aviation’s Big Tent

It has become clear that the electric aircraft movement will not only transform all of aviation, but can substantially reduce climate change and surface gridlock around the globe.

Accordingly, leading pioneers of the electric aircraft movement have founded the new non-profit, tax-exempt Sustainable Aviation Foundation (SA) to devote their full efforts to realizing these large and urgent societal benefits.

SA shares the consensus vision of NASA’s Aviation Unleashed Conference that an environmentally and economically sustainable future mass market of quiet, emission-free, autonomous air vehicles is the inevitable and necessary destiny of electric aviation. SA believes this future will include public Sky Taxis as well as ubiquitous small cargo UAVs, among other advances.

The SA team’s passion and widely recognized stewardship of electric aviation, as well as their decades of experience in the research, design, building and piloting of experimental aircraft, equip them well for the job of fostering that sustainable future for aviation. Toward that end, SA’s activities will include education, research, technology prize competitions, journalism and consulting. The ‘big tent’ of SA will encompass the many technologies that can bring the legacy aviation world together with the transformative future of on-demand public sky transit and UAVs.

We look forward to sharing more information soon about SA initiatives in this space. For more information immediately please contact SA President Brien Seeley.