SAS 2019 Lands at UC Berkeley, October 7-8, 2019

The Sustainable Aviation Foundation and UC Berkeley team up to host a holistic view of Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

The University of California, Berkeley Institute for Transportation Studies (ITS) will host the 2019 Sustainable Aviation Symposium (SAS) on October 7-8 of 2019. Dr. Jasenka Rakas from UC Berkeley and Dr. Brien A. Seeley of the Sustainable Aviation Foundation will co-chair the program.

SAS 2019 is focused on safe, quiet, electric aviation solutions to the most pressing problems of our age: climate change, urban surface gridlock, and the need for integrated community and urban planning to enable high proximity aviation at meaningful scale.

This year’s symposium will convene thought leaders to answer these core questions:

  • Which systems will win a dominant share of the market and why?
  • How will ‘urban air vehicles’ be made “airline-safe” and autonomous?
  • What new technologies are needed to converge to optimize the UAM system?
  • How will airparks affect wildlands, ground transit & communities large and small?
  • How will UAM freight and passengers make last-mile connections?
  • How will the air traffic of UAM be managed?
  • What roles will urban air vehicles have in emerging economies or natural disasters?

As electric aviation attracts growing investment and aerospace majors enter the space, answers to the questions above are crucial.

SAS 2019 ticketing and agenda info are available now!

Pipistrel eVTOL Concept
Image courtesy Pipistrel

About the UC Berkeley ITS

The University of California Institute for Transportation Studies develops leading-edge innovations influencing movement of people and goods and advancing sustainability, economic health, and quality of life.

For 70 years, the ITS has been recognized as one of the world’s leading centers for transportation research, education, and scholarship. The Institute was created in 1948 as an Organized Research Unit by the California state legislature. Today, it is the epicenter of study for all modes of transportation — from technological advances to social and environmental consequences.

About the Sustainable Aviation Foundation

The Sustainable Aviation Foundation (SAF) is dedicated to improving human life through advances in aviation. Our focus is on the application of electric aviation at a meaningful scale to help solve these pressing problems of our age:

  1. Climate change and climate-related disasters
  2. Surface gridlock and the attendant losses of human happiness and productivity
  3. The need for humane urban planning for billions of humans

SAF believes that by bringing together experts and practitioners from a wide array of disciplines we can collectively advance Urban Air Mobility (UAM) as a sustainable and practical mass-transit solution.

Sustainable Aviation Foundation, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501c3 educational organization organized and operated exclusively for public, charitable and educational purposes as a private foundation. It is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt private foundation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.