Friday Theme Dinners

SAS will again feature Friday evening Theme Dinners with three engaging topics to choose from. Please join us on Friday 4/21 for lively discussion. These dinners are a great opportunity to connect with speakers and leaders in the field.

Theme Dinner Topics:

  • Aeronautics – Airframe, Performance, Autonomous Systems

  • Energy – Batteries, Fuel Cells & Hydrogen, Lightweight Solar for Aviation

  • Motors – Wheel Motors, Prop Motors, Fast Actuators

Theme Dinner Speakers


Willi Tacke

Founder and Program Chair - e-Flight Expo

Star Simpson

Co-Founder - Corvidair

Dr. Qichao Hu

Founder & CEO - SolidEnergy Systems
Day 1
21 Apr 2017

Theme Dinner: Batteries with Wings

Hermes™: High Energy Rechargeable Metal Cells for Space” SolidEnergy is introducing the lightest rechargeable battery the world has ever seen. Independently verified repeatedly by customers, Hermes™ has already demonstrated over 450Wh/kg and has a roadmap to exceed 500Wh/kg by end of 2017. SolidEnergy is currently producing Hermes™ at its state-of-the-art pilot facility in Woburn, MA at 5000 cells per month. Hermes™ will enable applications such as high altitude drones providing free and open access to internet and education to children...
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Dr. Qichao Hu

Theme Dinner: Regional Sky Transit: Landing & Takeoff System on Latching Drone Cars and Ground Taxiing & Passenger Assist System

Using electric-latching-platform cars for runway operations enables extremely-short takeoff or landing (ESTOL) capability for long-range electric fixed-wing aircraft between low-noise highly-localized RST skyparks. This concept means short runways, less landing gear weight, and future integration into last-mile connections with street-or-air transport pods. This technology could be significantly advantageous in the development of practical V/ESTOL aircraft urban transit solutions.
Aris Symeonidis

Theme Dinner: Advanced Motors

A discussion on cutting edge motors for electric aircraft.

APSARA (Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions)

APSARA (Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions) are biodegradable gliders designed for one-time use in resupply missions in regions with insufficient infrastructure to support other cargo. Made of a mycelium-based material, the APSARAs are designed to flat-pack until needed, capable of 1-10kg payloads and to land accurately yet have a moderate range. One potential use case might be transporting batteries and medical supplies to sites of contagious outbreak, where it may be inadvisable to send human couriers, or in other...
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Star Simpson