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SA Symposium 2018 was a huge success – We extend our sincere thanks to speakers and attendees for another amazing year!

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VTOLS, ESTOLs and the Future of Sky Transit

How can aviation make human life better?

As practitioners from industry, research and startups, how can we broadly apply the mandate of sustainability to aviation, in terms of climate, energy, inclusion, and global access?

SA Symposium 2018 will convene experts and visionaries in

    • eFlight & Aeronautics
    • Sky Transit Initiatives
    • Batteries and Motors
    • Breakthroughs in Polite, Autonomous Aircraft
    • Urban Planning for On-demand Aviation
    • Ultra-quiet Propeller Science

To discuss our shared contribution to the future of aviation. Please join us at the meeting place for visionaries and practitioners committed to meeting this challenge.

“SA Symposium is a unique opportunity for visionaries, innovators, enthusiasts and authorities to connect, share ideas backed by experience, and discover new technological frontiers of flight.”

Dr. Tine Tomazic, Aircraft Designer, Pipistrel

“Why is Siemens working on an electric aircraft platform? Because we see the future and it is electric. Not just on the ground but in the air!” (SA Symposium 2016 Presenter)

Dr. Frank Anton, Siemens eAircraft

SAS is a great way to keep my finger on the pulse on the latest aerospace innovation and an opportunity to connect with and meet the big dreamers and doers in person.

Beth Stanton, EAA Sport Aviation

2018 Presenters

Dr. David Ullman

Aircraft Designer, Emeritus Professor of Design, Oregon State University

Greg Cole †

Aircraft Designer - Windward Performance

Dr. Jasenka Rakas

Deputy Director, UC Berkeley NEXTOR II

Ed De Reyes

CEO - Sabrewing Aircraft Company

Mike Hirschberg

Exec Director of AHS – The Vertical Flight Society

Dana Lodico

Senior consultant - Illingworth & Rodkin

Derek Lisoski


Dr. Daniel Sperling

Professor and Founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies - UC Davis

Neil Cloughley

Managing Director - Faradair Aerospace Limited

Todd Litman

Founder and Executive Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Dr. Kenneth Brentner

Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University

Alissa Walker

Urbanism Editor -

Richard Wang, PhD

CEO/Co-Founder, Cuberg

David Calley

Motor Designer, Planet Rider

Dr. Tine Tomazic †

Aircraft Designer, Pipistrel

Dr. Aarohi Vijh

Head of Product - Alta Devices

Boris Popov †

Founder - BRS Aviation

Dr. Josef Kallo

Professor, DLR Germany

Dean Sigler


J. Philip Barnes

Senior Technical Fellow, Pelican Aero Group

Dr. Brien Seeley

Program Chair, President - SA Foundation

† denotes a PADA Trophy Winner

Recent News

Sticky Post

Urban Planning for eVTOLs, ESTOLs and Sky Transit

SA Foundation is pleased to announce the first-ever panel discussion on Urban Planning for Sky Transit, featured at the 2018 Sustainable Aviation Symposium on May 11-12. At this year’s symposium we ask “How can we make electric aviation broadly accessible and of meaningful scale, in terms of climate change, renewable energy, urban communities, and global markets?” As a part of...
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eVTOL vs USTOL – Analyzing Emerging Platforms

Join SA and Dr. David Ullman for the Sustainable Skies Keynote Lecture – Electric Air Vehicle Performance Prospects: Comparing eVTOL versus USTOL – a fascinating discussion comparing emerging technology platforms for UAM and RST! Details of Dr. Ullman’s presentation: There is much current hype about eVTOLs. But how realistic is their potential for development as PAVs when compared to USTOL aircraft? This presentation...
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Certifiable Automation: New Rules for a New Era

Breakthrough technologies and a sky free of pedestrians promise impeccable safety in future driverless aircraft. Led by Tyler MacCready, Founding Board Member of the Sustainable Aviation Foundation, top scientists will explore the what, how and why of passenger and cargo air vehicles entrusted to use the airspace on their on recognizance.

Friday Theme Dinners

SAS will again feature Friday evening Theme Dinners with three engaging topics to choose from. Please join us on Friday for lively discussion. These dinners are a great opportunity to connect with speakers and leaders in the field.

Theme Dinner Topics:

  • Aeronautics – Airframe, Performance, Autonomous Systems
  • Energy – Batteries, Fuel Cells & Hydrogen, Lightweight Solar for Aviation
  • Motors – Wheel Motors, Prop Motors, Fast Actuators

Theme Dinner Speakers

Willi Tacke

Founder and Program Chair - e-Flight Expo

Past SA Symposium Programs