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SA Symposium 2017 is focused on advancing the practical reality of Mass-Market V/ESTOL Electric Aircraft.

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On April 21-22 2017 experts from around the globe will present talks on advanced new aircraft and lift devices, propellers & propulsion systems, batteries, motors and autonomous vehicles.

In the last year our community has seen several startups and technology announcements in the personal and autonomous transit space, putting on-demand air vehicles on pace to rival the self-driving car as a critical transportation platform. SAS 2017 will be the inflection point for V/ESTOL aircraft as an industry that can radically change our communities, economies and our environment.

Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert of Kitty Hawk Aircraft will deliver the 2nd Annual Honorary Paul B. MacCready Lecture on doing more with much less.

Renowned electric aircraft designer Tine Tomazic of Pipistrel will deliver the Inaugural Sustainable Aviation Keynote Lecture.

Join us at SA Symposium 2017 to explore these and other topics critical to a safe, sustainable future for on-demand aviation.

“SA Symposium is a unique opportunity for visionaries, innovators, enthusiasts and authorities to connect, share ideas backed by experience, and discover new technological frontiers of flight.”

Dr. Tine Tomazic, Aircraft Designer, Pipistrel

“Why is Siemens working on an electric aircraft platform? Because we see the future and it is electric. Not just on the ground but in the air!” (SA Symposium 2016 Presenter)

Dr. Frank Anton, Siemens eAircraft

2017 Presenters

Kostya Khomutov

Chief Strategy Officer - GBatteries

Joe Mohos

Technical Fellow - Aerovironment

Dr. Qichao Hu

Founder & CEO - SolidEnergy Systems

Brian Carpenter

Rainbow Aviation

Dr. Kyle Van Houtan

Director of Science - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Dr. Sridhar Kota

Professor - University of Michigan

Ingmar Geiss

Deputy Project Manager, e-Genius, Institute of Aircraft Design

Joseph Oldham

Director, San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Center

Al Bowers

Chief Scientist, NASA

Jeff Engler

Wright Aviation

Todd Reichert

Kitty Hawk

Martin Albrecht

MT Propeller, Germany

Dr. Tine Tomazic †

Aircraft Designer, Pipistrel

Joshua Portlock

Founder - Electro.Aero

Dr. Aarohi Vijh

Staff Engineer - Alta Devices

Dr. Parimal Kopardekar

Senior Technologist - NASA

David Calley

Motor Designer, Planet Rider

Dr. Josef Kallo

Professor, DLR Germany

Dean Sigler

Editor-in-Chief, SustainableSkies.org

Dr. Brien Seeley

President, SA Foundation

† denotes a PADA Trophy Winner

San Francisco, CA

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223 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065
+1 (650) 598-9000 H0922@accor.com

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The Crucible of Sustainable Aviation

A global faculty of technology experts and visionaries will convene April 21-22, 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area to advance the world of sustainable aviation and emission-free flight. SA Symposium Program Chairman, Dr. Brien Seeley, reports on the progress: The SA Symposium 2017 Program has these keynote presenters on tap with several more to be added soon: Dr. Tine Tomazic...
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Friday Theme Dinners

SAS will again feature Friday evening Theme Dinners with three engaging topics to choose from. Please join us on Friday 4/21 for lively discussion. These dinners are a great opportunity to connect with speakers and leaders in the field.

Theme Dinner Topics:

  • Aeronautics – Airframe, Performance, Autonomous Systems
  • Energy – Batteries, Fuel Cells & Hydrogen, Lightweight Solar for Aviation
  • Motors – Wheel Motors, Prop Motors, Fast Actuators

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